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Article 1: Each department of the company needs to increase staff due to production and business needs. The person in charge of the production unit should first apply to the supervisor (or department manager), and after approval by the general manager, the employing department, supervisor, interview and examination.

Article 2: When the company needs to recruit more employees, it is recommended to openly select the best candidates from the society. The company does not allow managers at all levels to introduce and arrange their relatives to work in the department under their control. Those in special circumstances need to be approved by the general manager.

Article 3: After the newly hired employees pass the test and review, they shall carry out probation according to the period agreed in the labor contract. The probationary period shall be calculated from the date of employment of the hired employee, if within 5 working days from the date of the employment notice If a newly hired employee fails to report to the company, the qualification for employment will be cancelled. For those who are not hired during the probation period, pay for the probation period according to the actual working hours.

Article 4: Those who pass the probationary can enjoy the employee benefits stipulated by the company. Later, depending on their working attitude, working ability, work performance, and gradually increase their wages.

Article 5: The employees employed by the company must generally meet the following conditions (unless otherwise specified in special positions):

1. Skilled workers who have engaged in corresponding jobs; managers with relevant work experience;

2. Above 18 years old and below 50 years old, with special circumstances not exceeding 55 years old;

3. No record of bad behavior;

Personnel in special circumstances may be appropriately relaxed and considered for employment after approval by the board of directors.

Article 6: Applicants must submit the following materials to the company:

1. The company will send a uniform form and fill it out as required (applicants shall be legally responsible for the authenticity of the content);

2. Copies of relevant certificates such as academic qualifications and technical titles (original copy required to be provided for review);

3. Cover letter and resume

4. A photocopy of the ID card (the original document needs to be reviewed);

5. Two recent 1-inch color headless photos;

6. Other required materials (determined by the company's personnel director).