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2020 School Uniform Fashion Trend Press Conference Unveiled at China International Fashion Week

Date: 2020-03-20 17:15:47 Hits: 6371

On October 26, 751D · PARK debuted a unique fashion show at China International Fashion Week. "2020 School Uniforms Fashion Trends Press Conference", as the first joint show with the theme of school uniforms in the history of China International Fashion Week, appeared on the runway.

Uniforms for school uniforms: build national pride, build cultural confidence

After half a year of preparations, the morning of the "2020 School Uniform Fashion Trend Press Conference" finally unveiled the mystery. The first school uniform fashion trend show in China International Fashion Week entered the fairy tale town. Shishi City Government has carefully selected four companies to form the "Shishi Uniform Army Corps". Among them, Ji Jile has long been deeply involved in the rich international school uniform trade market. Campus Avenue is a comprehensive campus industry platform. Diamond partners are born in children's clothing and are good at dress And trendy clothing production, Emperor Brand is a men's clothing transformation, has a wealth of experience in brand operation. Each of the four companies took advantage of each other and arranged them carefully. With the theme of "Healthy Leadership and Beautiful Campus", the four major sections of the school style, sports style, fashion style, and Chinese study style were brilliantly displayed. The form fits the body closely, and the design is generous and fashionable, showing a strong and fresh youthful style.

China is big in etiquette, so it is called Xia, and it has the beauty of the rules and regulations. In Chinese civilization, clothing has always been the external manifestation of "knowledge and knowledge." The design of Shishi uniforms permeates the principles of "moral education first, aesthetic education synchronization, uniform appearance and deeds, and consistent words and deeds." The concept of dress was introduced for the first time in the big show to set the application scene of school uniform more clearly. Contemporary scholars, as the heirs of etiquette and ancient clothes, shoulder the responsibilities of the times of national rejuvenation and continuous culture. The introduction of the regulation of dresses in the functional clothing of school uniforms contains the profound meaning that designers hope that clothing will help students improve cultural confidence and establish national pride.

The design of the entire show concealed campus elements everywhere, and created a short time tunnel through music and dancing, so that the audience returned to childhood with the hundreds of children in fashion school uniforms. When the big show ended, the guests wore red scarves and sang "I and My Country", the atmosphere was warm and warm.

Shishi Endeavours: Fighting with the Baixu Leading the World Trend

The splendid glory before the stage can not be separated from the solid accumulation of strength after the opening. The successful holding of the 2020 school uniform fashion trend show is inseparable from the efforts of Shishi City to actively promote the future sunshine format of school uniforms and the healthy development of the education equipment industry. School uniforms are constrained by "practical and dirt-resistant" thinking, with loose structures and outdated styles. Generations of young people spent their student days wearing "ugly school uniforms" or even "three non-toxic school uniforms." For a long time.

As an important source of Fujian-style clothing, Shishi, the ancient town of Haisi Cultural Tourism, is also a pilot market for purchasing and trading methods in the national market. It has a complete industrial chain of “holding cotton in and holding out products”, as well as policies, transportation, and markets. The advantageous conditions are an investment hotspot with great commercial vitality and wealth accumulation along China's coast. Shishi's garment foreign trade industry covers 135 international and regional areas.

In order to meet the consumer upgrade and humanistic spirit demands given by the times, starting from the "2020 School Uniform Fashion Trend Press Conference", Shishi is facing the world market, accurately arranging blind spots for school uniforms, and cooperating with universities to create a school uniform research and development platform, from the combination of industry, university and research to the fashion index Research, created the country's first and only school uniform professional market. Committed to creating a new era of campus clothing culture with Chinese characteristics, building a professional school uniform industry base and communication and display platform, shaping Chinese school uniform brand, allowing high-quality Chinese products to enter the international market, and then promoting the construction of campus culture and school moral education.

In addition, Shishi is also one step ahead of the "smart" and "customization" of school uniforms, including the integration of intelligent somatosensory fabrics and wearable devices, which will provide Chinese students with a safer, more stylish and personalized "future school uniform."